What does jcktxt mean?

At its most basic level text is a set of symbols that transmit information. If you understand how to manipulate those symbols, graphically or conceptually, you can edit a message until the meaning becomes crystal clear. As a writer and designer I can help you communicate powerful messages through a variety of lenses; from a minimalist statement that conveys your thoughts succinctly, to a lush and colorful design that melds message and medium and draws your audience in.

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Good news everyone! You can now hire me full time.

Take a look at my updated resume right here.



twenty-four magazine, contributor and co-art director.

Sited in the Society of Publication Designers, BoingBoing, and The Guardian UK


SwordClassNYC, redesigned logo, designed webpage, installed and custom coded WordPress.


Team Talk, designed logo.


The Helvetica String Trio, designed logo and identity.


twenty-four magazine: issue two, art director. A magazine made completely in a single 24 hour period. Funded by Kickstarter.



Taken at Cienfuegos, NYC



The Floating World, logo and identity design for the 2010 alternative education convention.